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Bikini fanatics from all over the world finally have a home! Are you a micro bikini lover? Do you love to shoot bikini content, but you have no place for it? Welcome at BikiniFanatics! BikiniFanatics is a community where micro bikini lovers come together. Meet other bikini girls of all ages, shapes and nationalities. Build your own fanbase, interact with your fans and above all, make money!

Why a community? Do you also just follow one person on Instagram? Exactly! More faces, equals more fun and brings more interaction to all! Join a community where fun and liberty are the main objectives! There’s several major benefits to becoming a contributor.

On BikiniFanatics you have your own profile. You upload photo sets you’ve shot yourself as an amateur bikini model. Maybe you also have a video every once in a while. We have no limitations on the content, so what you upload is totally up to you, as long as it is bikini related. A lingerie upload now and then is fine too, we love that! But the main objective is obviously bikinis 😉

The content you upload is for free, but you are also able to upload ‘locked’ sets. You set your own reasonable price which your fans can unlock to show you their support. You also have a tipping box on your profile so fans can also send you some extra love.

Do you have a website and/or social media account(s) feel free to put them on your profile so your fans can always find everything about you!

Are you open minded, sexual and a bikini fanatic? Join now!

Spread the word! Feel Free! Be spoiled! Free Bikinis! Generate new fans! Make money from your work!

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Spread the word!

If you are bikini confident, become an ambassador and refer supporters to – Together we are stronger and besides that you’re getting $5 per member you refer for every month the member stays on board!

Feel Free!

Don’t have limitations put on yourself by Instagram or other communities where people either report you or don’t let you upload whatever you desire. Feel the confidence, feel the support and love, become a bikini fanatic for life!

Be spoiled!

Let your fans support you, they can spoil you with tips or you can engage them with setting up locked boxes for your more private pictures and videos. It is totally up to you! You make your own rules, we only help you by giving you the platform that gives you freedom of speech!

Free Bikinis!

Join the community and earn free bikinis as a reward for you being an active contributor. Expanding your collection has never been easier!

Generate new fans!

Taking part in a community means you will generate lots of new fans who otherwise would never have found you!

What models say about Bikini Fanatics

“Since I’ve been contributing on BF I’ve never felt so confident. I thought I already was, but this community really gave me the ultimate boost!”

“Besides my job this is a fun hobby which not only makes me feel good but also gives me some serious side money.”

“The fans on BikiniFanatics are true fans, they support me and are very respectful, therefore it’s fun to talk with them. It saves me the headache of dealing with all the perverts on social media”

“The cool thing about the community is that I and all other girls bring in new members which means I’m able to generate lots of new fans who otherwise would never have found me.”

“I never though about joining a community, I always promoted myself but after I took the leap of faith I learned that trough BikiniFanatics I managed to generate a substantial number of new fans!”

“I thought it would be a real headache to upload and learn how to use the system, but it turned out to be extremely simple! Lots of tips and great support from the owners made it a breeze to use.”

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